Art Therapy for Teenagers

Adolescence is a complex period of life, characterized by profound changes, from a physical, emotional and behavioral point of view.  It is when the search for one's own unique and defined identity takes place.

The adolescent needs to differentiate themself from their family, distancing themself at times in extreme ways: in order to understand who they are and find their own identity.  Often, the peer group becomes a priority as a source of support especially when there is a separation in progress.

The multitude of choices ahead of you, the desire to experience new situations and emotions, is a source of growth, but generates confusion and insecurity, risking and often resulting in feelings of abandonment, disappointment and or defeat.

Art therapy can offer an important opportunity of support, to get more in touch with one's feelings, to achieve greater self-awareness and to strengthen one's personal identity.

Barbara Jacopetti Art therapist, member of the Apiart Association n.622, which supervises its professionalism and complies with the UNI1159 standard

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