Art Therapy for Children

First of all, I would like to reiterate the concept that art therapy is not aimed exclusively at people who suffer from any form of physical or psychological discomfort.

Art therapy is a rich and stimulating experience for everyone, which offers the possibility of expressing oneself, giving structure to emotions and affirming one's own personality. Offered to children, it can help them overcome a moment of difficulty such as, for example, the birth of a little brother or sister, a change of school, a separation, a transfer...

In an art therapy studio, the materials are chosen with particular care and the child is invited to explore, manipulate, experiment in complete freedom, according to his own modalities, methods and satisfying their own needs. It is a protected and safe space, where frustrations and difficulties are welcomed.

The art therapist is ready to deal with failure, and in the face of failure, does not deny it but helps the child to turn it into a starting point, a growth tool, giving value to the "good" and recovering what the child feels “wrong”, finding meaning in it and by working together transforming it.

The child thus learns not to get stuck in front of difficulties, but rather, to make use of his own tools and resources to overcome them, refining their  ability to ask questions and look for the various possible answers.

Barbara Jacopetti Art therapist, member of the Apiart Association n.622, which supervises its professionalism and complies with the UNI1159 standard.

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